Medical Industry

Medical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is an export-oriented industry, and Israel is one of the five largest exporters of pharmaceuticals to Europe, along with the US, Switzerland, Singapore, and China.

The Israeli pharmaceutical industry consists of more than 60 companies employing 28,000 employees.

For the pharmaceutical industry, Generic drug industry an important contribution to the development of society, welfare and economy in Israel. This industry accounts for over 2% of total business product, and is responsible for the contribution of 6% to the added value of the economy. This industry serves as an engine for the country’s economic growth, thanks to the enormous investment of multinational pharma companies in bio-medical innovation research and development. These companies also invest in academic research and mergers with biotechnological companies.

Tagad Food Agencies represents leading companies in their field around the world, providing solutions for production and marketing of production systems under strict quality standards that characterize the pharma market.

As well as various packaging solutions including packaging of liquids, flaps, tablets, capsules and more.

The Israeli pharmaceutical industry places high demands on quality equipment, standards and training. Tagad represents international companies that provide quality equipment that meets all the required standards and all the necessary approvals for the requirements of the industry.

These companies provide our customers with a wide response to all stages of production processes

  • Process equipment such as pumps, faucets, heat exchangers and more
  • Filling equipment
  • Sticker marking devices

Among the companies we represent can be found: