The Dairy Industry

The Dairy Industry

The Israeli dairy industry is an integral part of the local economy and is the largest food industry in Israel.
Total output in the industry constitutes 10% of the total value of agricultural output in Israel.

The dairy industry provides a range of fresh, high-quality products that make up about 60% of the daily calcium consumption per person.

Milk production is constantly rising In 2017, 1,513 million liters were produced in Israel, compared with 1,450 in 2016, an increase of 63 million liters 4.4%

The increase in the consumption of locally produced dairy products in terms of liquid value was 2.5% in 2017, while the population growth was estimated at 1.9%, consumption of dairy products increased by 0.6%.

Annual per capita consumption is estimated at 179 liters compared with 178 last year.

TAGAD have a close and high quality relationship that has been built and developed over the years with foreign companies that supply equipment and knowledge to the dairy industry.
The companies we represent provide an extensive response to all stages of the dairy industry’s production processes.

  • Handling of raw materials; Powders, solids and liquids
  • Liquid transport using equipment such as faucets, pumps and measuring devices
  • Thermal treatment using heat exchangers Plates and pipes
  • Sensing and filling systems

Among the companies we represent can be found: