Ice Cream Industry

Ice Cream Industry

The ice cream industry in Israel is worth about NIS 1.5 billion. In Israel, it can be divided into two main categories: out-of-home consumption, which is characterized by its immediacy, and is therefore called Impulse consumption and domestic consumption.

Impulse consumption consists of four subcategories

  • Premium / Indulgence / Premium – Ice creams made from high quality ingredients
  • ‘Cost’ – ice cream containing mainly cheap ingredients
  • ‘Refreshments’ – ice creams that combine frozen fruits and water
  • Fun – ice creams that contain gimmicks

Domestic consumption also consists of four subcategories:

  • Super Premium – Cream ice cream / natural ingredients
  • Premium (premium) – Cream ice cream / natural ingredients
  • Regular – Home
  • “Cost” – mainly large packaging

The field of ice cream in Israel is growing faster than other food industries. Another major trend in the market is an increase in demand for relatively expensive ice cream.

The ice cream industry in Israel is diverse and large. The average Israeli consumes eight liters of ice cream a year. Alongside giant manufacturers that control about 80 percent of the market, there are a number of small manufacturers and unique production lines for boutique ice cream parlors

Foodstuff supplies solutions and equipment for every need, from the establishment of industrial plants to the small scale

  • Planning and setting up factories
  • Process equipment – pumps and taps
  • Thermal treatment – heat exchangers
  • Packing and flat equipment
  • Conveying equipment
  • Automatic warehouses

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