Beer Industry​

Beer Industry

Tagad  represents leading companies in the manufacture of equipment for the beer industry and provides solutions to all stages of production processes for giant breweries alongside micro breweries.

Since the 1950s, the Israeli beer industry has been dominated by two companies. Since the 1990s, with the establishment of the Israel Breweries Company, and Tempo control 70% of the Israeli beer market. In addition, there are 24 licensed boutique breweries in the country. In Israel, 90 million liters of beer are sold every year.

The production process has developed over the years and today it includes complex and uncompromising operations and the use of very specific components. The Germans, who set 500 years ago strict criteria for the production of pure and genuine beer, did so

Many people around the world and in Israel have been returning to  sources in recent years and are working on homemade beer production. There are those who make the beer in a very small volume, but in Israel there are already several boutique breweries that produce beer in a commercial quantity. Homemade beer is generally considered to be of the highest quality because of its freshness and because it is produced with greater attention. Boutique breweries in Israel began to appear and develop in the middle of the first decade of the 2000s. As of 2009, boutique breweries operate throughout the country. Today, about 100 types of beer are produced in Israel

The equipment offered to our customers is varied and includes

  • Equipment for beer production
  • Pumps and taps
  • Filling lines for glass bottles
  • Packing and flat lines
  • Surface wrapping
  • Automatic warehouses

Among the companies we represent can be found: