The company employs a professional and experienced team with decades of experience mainly in the food industry, capable of providing professional consulting services at a high level. supporting at all stages of the activity and have creativity in providing solutions to various production problems for food factories, pharma and more.

The owners of the company (Etzion Avinoam and Uri Mickel) have decades of experience in the food industry and have professional knowledge of innovative consulting for factories,

In addition to consulting Uri and Etzion have extensive experience in planning and providing a variety of solutions and services to food factories throughout the country.

Etzion Avinoam

Serves as CEO and owner of Tagad Food Agencies since 2000, Etzion Avinoam served for many years as a chief engineer in the largest food companies in the Israeli economy, among others as chief engineer at the Tnuva dairy company. His experience and extensive knowledge in the various food establishments constitute an additional platform in providing advice, Solutions and services to food factories throughout the country

Uri Mickel

Serves as a director and owner since 2005 of Tagad Food Agencies Ltd. Uri served for several years as the technical manager of the instant coffee factory in Elit .Uri has extensive experience in the operational and logistic fields of establishing food factories and production systems throughout the country. He was also involved in transfers of factories that produce from place to place Such as ogot habit , Tara dairy and more.

Motty Linkovsky

Sales agent specializing mainly in consulting and service companies in the beverage, dairy industry and others. Has background in installation of production and equipment systems in various food plants

Yhuda Klein

Sales agent specializing in consulting and service companies in the field of pastry, chocolate, various packaging, extending the shelf life of food products, and more...

Victoria Ohtraht

Coordinates the projects and orders for spare parts

Haya Elkalay - Gadot

Administrative director and responsible for Supplier - customer relations.